ZPORTFOLIO is a digital dashboard of students academic and non academic activities and achievements, which can be accessed as and when required. It captures other aspects of the students life like volunteer experience, photographs, videos, artwork and more.

Key Features:

  • Captures students entire school life achievements
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Can be reviewed and edited whenever required
  • It is interactive and can be shared to get feedback

    Get The Little Extra

    ZPORTFOLIO is an electronic dashboard where students can record their work, goals and achievements and reflect on their learning, receive feedback, while also revisiting and improving on their records.


    Students can self reflect and self assess


    Student’s collective learning progression on a school continuum


    Students can create and showcase a wide range of work in multimedia


    The dashboard is an electronic online resource available at all times for editing and updating

    How Can Your School Get It

    Every student in your school can have his individualized portfolio for his entire school journey. Here is all you need to do

    1. Join
    The exclusive zamit membership programme
    2. Subscribe

    To any level of the programme for all your students

    3. Upload

    Students achievements and outstanding work regularly

    4. Access

    All academic and non academic history whenever required


    Know what people have to say after using zamit

    Download the app and be Future Ready with zamit

    Android & IOS App Available

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