A Symposium on Digital Literacy for Educators

This 90-minute symposium is suitable for Teachers, Coordinators, Department heads and School leaders. It will focus on the benefits of digital technology in education and acts as a pre-cursor to Professional Development Programme that will add towards the 50 hours CPD requirement for the teachers.

The Symposium will discuss how technology can become an effective tool that helps schools to reduce workload, promote efficiencies and provide quality teaching and learning.

Whether you teach literature or chemistry, whether you are a preschool or a secondary school teacher or a leader, improving your digital literacy should be as important for you as building and maintaining your pedagogical knowledge or, in the case of managers, developing your managerial skills.

The Symposium will aim to address questions such as:

  • Points
    What are the benefits of moving towards the use of digital technologies in the classroom?
  • Points
    Why is digital technology central to teaching and learning?
  • Points
    How can we use digital technology effectively in the classroom?
  • Points
    What are the best practices in sourcing and using digital technologies?
  • Points
    How can we establish and sustain a professional culture that supports the effective use of digital technology?


This Symposium is certified by Qualifications and Assessments International.(QAI), UK, a private international awarding, accrediting, assessing and quality assurance body specialising in teacher training, teaching qualifications, and teaching relevance analysis.

To get a Certificate of Participation, you must attend the programme for the entire duration. If you meet the certification requirements, your digital certificate will be immediately available to you on your Zamit personal page.

ZQ points and next steps

Certification of this Symposium will add 30 ZQ points to your future readiness score. It is also a stepping stone to the more detailed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate Course of 50 hours that meets the NEP 2020 requirements.

As the next step, we suggest you undertake the Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management (TERM) analysis, which will analyse over 60 future readiness teaching skills and management clubbed into Zamit’s Nine Dimensions.

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Symposium Faculty, Presenters and Experts

This symposium includes national and international academic experts detailed here under:

Professional Development Symposium on Digital Literacy