SYMPOSIUM ON Teaching 2.0: A New Era of Teaching and Learning

(A repeat of episode 1 of this series with a live Q&A session)

This 45-minute symposium is suitable for teachers, coordinators, department heads, headteachers, school leaders and other stakeholders in education. It focuses on the new era of teaching and learning which is characterised by the integration of technology, personalised learning, adaptive and experiential teaching and collaboration. This symposium is the first episode in a series Teaching Excellence and Relevance: The Must-Have Tools of a 21st-Century Teacher and acts as a pre-cursor to our longer professional development programmes on educational topics. It also contributes towards the 50 hours of CPD requirement for educators as per the NEP 2020.

During this symposium, we’ll look at some of the key features that characterise the new era of teaching and learning, including but not limited to creativity and collaboration, AI-driven and adaptive education, personalised, active, technology-enabled and experiential teaching and learning and student-centred education. We’ll also explore ways in which teachers can equip their students to overcome the challenges of the 21st century whilst also adequately preparing themselves for the future.

The symposium aims to address questions such as:

  • Points
    What characterises the new era of teaching and learning?
  • Points
    How can teachers future-proof themselves and stay one step ahead of innovation in the new era of education? 
  • Points
    How can teachers make sure that they possess the necessary teaching skills for the 21st century?
  • Points
    What abilities, traits, and skills should teachers focus on to guarantee their continued importance in the future?
  • Points
    How can school leaders support their staff in terms of efficiency, efficacy, future-readiness, relevance and excellence?


This symposium is certified by Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI), UK, a private international awarding, accrediting, assessing and quality assurance body, specialising in teacher training, teaching qualifications and assessments.

To get a Certificate of Participation, you must attend the programme for minimum 30 minutes. If you meet the certification requirements, your digital certificate will be immediately available to you on your Zamit personal page.

ZQ points and the next steps

Your certificate will add 30 ZQ points to your future readiness score. This symposium also serves as an introduction to our more detailed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate courses and helps you meet your CPD requirements as per the NEP 2020.

As a next step, we suggest you complete the Teaching Excellence and Relevance Management (TERM) analysis, which will interpret more than sixty of your future readiness teaching skills and abilities clubbed into Zamit’s Nine Dimensions.

Panellists and Moderators

This symposium includes both national and international experts.

SYMPOSIUM ON Teaching 2.0: A New Era of Teaching and Learning