Professional Development Symposium for teachers, department heads, principals,parents and students on Beyond IQ, AQ and EQ - The Intelligence Quotient of the Future

Episode 1 in the series of Demystifying ZQ for Students

This symposium is the first episode in a series of symposia aimed at students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in education. During this symposium, we’ll look at the essential ingredients of future readiness and a quotient that measures it. We’ll discuss the traits, knowledge, qualities, skills, attitudes, competencies and abilities that make a student ready for the future and we’ll analyse why they need to possess these in order to succeed, excel, prosper and thrive, or put simply, to stay relevant and competitive in the 21st century.

The symposium will aim to address questions such as:

  • Points
    What skills, traits and abilities should students work on and improve to future-proof themselves?
  • Points
    Is there a quotient that measures 21st-century skills?
  • Points
    How can schools prepare their students for the future?
  • Points
    How can schools make sure that their students’ future-ready skills are assessed and developed during their time in compulsory education?
  • Points
    What is the role of parents in raising future-ready children?

Presenters and experts

This symposium includes both national and international academic experts.

Symposium on Professional Development for teachers, department heads, principals, parents and students