Episode 6 of 10: A Symposium on From Fear to Fortune: Unlocking your Entrepreneurial Potential

Episode 6 in the series of Demystifying ZQ for Students

This symposium is the sixth episode in a series of ten symposia aimed at students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in education. During this symposium, we’ll look at entrepreneurial skills and a quotient that measures it. We’ll discuss why entrepreneurial skills are a necessity in today’s fast-paced and competitive world and we’ll look at how students can acquire these skills in the most efficient way in the 21st_century. We’ll discuss how students can actively manage and put their entrepreneurial skills to good use and how having these skills will enable them to develop a strong sense of confidence and resilience, think outside the box, take risks and turn innovative ideas into reality. We’ll also look at how these skills empower individuals to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and bounce back from failures, thereby unlocking their potential for success and helping them broaden their horizons and become truly future-ready.

The symposium aims to address questions such as:

  • Points
    Why are entrepreneurial skills important in this day and age?
  • Points
    How can students acquire entrepreneurial skills effectively?
  • Points
    How can students put their entrepreneurial skills to good use?
  • Points
    How can parents help their children acquire entrepreneurial skills?
  • Points
    How can teachers help their students acquire entrepreneurial skills?
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    How can department heads and school leaders support their teachers in helping students acquire entrepreneurial skills?


This symposium is certified by Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI), UK, a private international awarding, accrediting, assessing and quality assurance body, specialising in teacher training, teaching qualifications and assessments.

To get a Certificate of Participation, you must attend the programme for minimum 30 minutes. If you meet the certification requirements, your digital certificate will be immediately available to you on your Zamit personal page.

ZQ points and the next steps

Your certificate will add 30 ZQ points to your future readiness score. This symposium also serves as an introduction to our more detailed Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate courses and helps you meet your CPD requirements as per the NEP 2020.

Panellists and Moderators

This symposium includes both national and international experts.

A Symposium on From Fear to Fortune: Unlocking your Entrepreneurial Potential