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Competitions & Challenges

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday! zamit constantly makes you go back to that winning philosophy by organizing regular competitions and challenges that help explore your intelligence and give you an opportunity to not only compete with yourself but with others too.

Key Features:

  • On going for different age groups
  • Extends beyond curriculums
  • Increase Intrinsic motivation
  • Enhance beneficial peer comparisons

Our Global Presence

Know where you stand on the zamit leader board which has a global benchmarking and presence, so you can improve your skills with every new challenge that comes up.

Multiple Intelligence

Explores and challenges your active intelligences

Growth Mindset

Provides benchmarks to promote improvements

Mental Toughness

Builds persistence resilience and grit in participants

Find Your Listing

Learn to better gauge and evaluate risks

Engage & Earn

Our challenges are engaging, exciting & very rewarding.

1. Download

zamit and go to the activity section

2. Compete
Read the instructions and get going
3. Submit
Your entry on zamit


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