Event Broadcasting

Members of the Zamit schools’ network get the benefit of this unique offering to live broadcast its events, activities and celebrations.

Zamit offers its member schools a live streaming digital platform to share their events and achievements. With over a hundred thousand active users across India & overseas (a number growing each day), this is an ideal digital platform with user-friendly access for showcasing and promoting without ever getting lost in the clutter of unwanted advertising. It is cost effective and smart (i.e. measurable and trackable), offering worldwide visibility with notifications, sponsored advertisements in daily updated feeds and user data insights through ongoing data analysis.


  • high-quality real time streaming
  • greater audience potential
  • analytics tracking
  • mobile streaming for convenient viewing

The broadcast will be available live across the world. Zamit will also help schools in promoting such events in a safe and secure manner with data and live streams that is GDPR compliant.