Teacher Professional Development

Zamit offers a wide range of ZPD (Zamit Professional Development) programmes, each certified by QAI, UK for teachers’ committed to self-development.

NEP 2020 point 5.15 states that each teacher will be expected to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for their own professional development. It further clarifies that the thrust of technological interventions in teacher training program will be for the purposes of improving teaching and learning and evaluation processes, supporting teacher preparation and professional development.

Zamit supports the NEP mandate by offering teachers of the Zamit School Network access to world-class curated resources and courses for teachers that will help them become future-ready. They will also be presented with a range of teacher development programmes in professional development (deemed mandatory by the NEP 2020) and become certified by QAI, UK.

Key highlights of ZPD

  • meet the NEP requirement of 50 hours of CPD with ease
  • get certification from QAI, UK an international awarding body
  • engage with online professional development at your own pace
  • gain access to world-class resources
  • provide international benchmarks for professional learning

ZPD programmes help teachers

  • progress with their career
  • stay and/or become future-ready
  • enhance their abilities and skills set
  • become more effective in their roles
  • stay up-to-date with the latest trends in education
  • make a positive difference to the lives of their students
  • maintain competence and proficiency in their profession
  • take an active role in their own professional development

How to register for a ZPD course

  • if you are already a member, click on the desired programme and register
  • for new members, download the Zamit app and register