Zamit Admissions

Mission Admission!

Are you a parent or a school facing challenges in the admission process? Zamit Admissions is your answer!

Zamit Admissions is a comprehensive end-to-end platform available exclusively for members of the Zamit School Network. Zamit Admissions help schools manage their admissions process in a simple, practical and convenient manner. The School Dashboard allows schools to view and monitor all their applications, request more information, call for interactions, send customised responses and make decisions regarding their applicants. Zamit Admissions also allows fee collections through its automatic and secure money transferring system. It enables parents to apply to schools using either the Zamit website or the Zamit mobile app. It also allows them to track the status of their applications. Zamit’s digital media and marketing experts help schools plan customised promotions and admissions marketing campaigns.

For Parents

  • tools to compare features and pedagogies with unbiased end user reviews
  • widen your choices without extra paperwork
  • options to search for schools on specific need- based criteria
  • expert advice on educational boards in India
  • personalized chat line to address individual queries of prospective parents
  • online, real time tracking facility of multiple applications in different schools
  • upload school admission form online

For Schools

  • efficient & quick handling of applications at entry level
  • short listing of applicants based on the school’s point system
  • saving on training & skilling manpower
  • reduced paperwork and administrative costs
  • improved visibility resulting in increased applications
  • support customized communication to parents to help the application process
  • automated fee collection
  • post school admission form online