Zamit activities include exciting stories and app-based games that encourage development of motor skills, listening skills, hand-eye coordination and much more.

Stories are an essential component of cognitive and emotional development in children. Zamit stories are fun yet educational and teach children about life, enhance self-awareness, expose them to cultures across the globe and generate a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world they live in. Stories spark children’s imagination and encourage creativity.

Zamit activities are original, age appropriate and improve a child’s active intelligence. The activities are designed to improve the student’s ZQ which is mapped to the future-readiness indexing system developed by QAI, UK exclusively for Zamit.

Key Features

  • Single window for games, audio and video-based stories
  • Leader board to build competitive spirit and enhance competition
  • Daily takeaways and a chance to win prizes
  • Interesting, engaging and age appropriate

Zamit activities: engagement for students

Zamit Activities are based on the ‘show-up, stay-with-it and take-away’ approach.

  • Show-up
    Zamit Activities are accessible on the Zamit website and app. Create a Zamit account or login with your registered email id and engage with Zamit Activities.
  • Stay-with-it
    Get enthralled by a variety of audio & video-based stories and exciting games.
  • Take-away
    At the end of the game, take-away daily prizes and also stand a chance be on top of the leader board and win exciting prizes.

Joining is simple and easy