Zamit offers interactive, fun-filled, extracurricular activities for students.

These encourage development of Adaptive skills, Psycomotor skills and Cognitive skills which are also part of the NEP 2020. The activities also help in improving over 100 skills that are part of the Zamit Nine Dimensions and will help improve the Student’s ZQ Score, the world’s first benchmark for Future Readiness.

The engaging and motivational activities for students include:

  • Points
    Age appropriate Video and Audio stories.
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    Periodic Competitions with prizes and recognition.
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    Generic games to help improve skills.
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    Periodic Do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops.
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    Informative Webinars, talks and interviews.
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    Annual Championships with international recognition and scholarships.
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    Reading resources like Blogs and Articles to help remain up-to-date, and more.

Enjoying Zamit Activities is simple and easy.

Let’s begin

Register with your Email Id and begin with your ZQ Measurement and Analysis and get guided by Zamit Facilitators on your journey of future readiness.

Remain engaged

Just spend 45-60 minutes per week on the Zamit Website or Mobile App and be engaged with the various offerings to see improvement.


Build and enhance your 100+ future ready skills. Improve your Global ZQ Score.

Take away

Recognition, Certificates, Prizes, Scholarship and opportunity to become a Zamit Student Ambassador.