IQ, EQ, and SQ are very relevant measurement quotients of an individual. However, in this rapidly changing world, these have become outdated and need to be re-invented, keeping in mind the new-age skills required for success in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

Zamit and QAI, UK, undertook research to determine the skills and abilities a student must build and enhance to remain relevant in the world of today and for success in the future. The result of the research is the world’s first modern and up-to-date Future Readiness benchmarking framework called the Zamit Quotient (ZQ).

The Zamit Measurement and Analysis measure a student's Future Readiness across 100+ parameters clubbed into Nine Dimensions called the ZQ Dimensions. These Skills also map to the NEP 2020 (National Education Policy) and the Learning Skills of IB (International Baccalaureate). The analysis uses a Technology-driven application based on a Machine Learning (ML) model, which is Personalised and Adaptive.

A detailed personalised ZQ 360-degree Holistic Progress Report Card is provided after each analysis. This report includes the overall ZQ score and covers the Affective, Psychomotor and Cognitive skills as detailed in the NEP 2020.

For students who follow the IB Curriculum, the report includes the five IB learning skills, Thinking skills, Communication skills, Research skills, Self-management skills, and Social skills.

The report provides ZQ Scores for each of ZQ Nine Dimensions along with age and level-appropriate content for improvement. The reports also provide personalised feedback with generic and specific tips for improvement. An opportunity to connect with a ZQ Facilitator is available.

The ZQ Score is dynamic and is linked to the student’s engagement on Zamit, through engaging Activities, Competitions, Championships, Learning Courses, Reading of Blogs, Articles, watching Videos, listening to Podcasts, Webinars, Workshops and the GETS International English Certification, all of which help the student become Future Ready and improve their ZQ score which is in real-time.

The Nine Dimensions of ZQ include Natural Abilities, Acquired Abilities, Technological Skills, Analytical Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills, Learning Power, Communication Skills, Universal Awareness and Social Perception.

Students must repeat the ZQ Measurement & Analysis every three months to get a complete view of improvement and impact analysis.