ZQ is the world’s first AI-driven, measurable future readiness indexing system that analyses and guides students, teachers and schools towards success in the 21st century and beyond.

ZQ for Teachers helps educators map their skills and abilities against its nine-dimensional matrix whilst continuously promoting teacher skill development. It will also guide them to critically reflect on their practices with an eye to transforming them into their most competent and confident selves.

For a teacher to continue to be a key stakeholder responsible for transforming the lives of students and to remain relevant in this new world, they will require more than subject knowledge alone. They will need to develop and refine their attitudes, dispositions, approaches, mindsets, English language skills and life skills as well as cultivate a heightened awareness of the world around them. The ‘school of the future’ will require a ‘teacher of the future’ – a teacher working with ease and confidence in a technology-rich environment.

How can one re-invent oneself as a ‘teacher of the future’? The answer lies in opting for ZQ for Teachers.