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Assessment forms an integral part of teaching. The outcome of learning is often analysed using different assessment methods.

As we are moving away from Assessment ‘of’ Learning and moving towards Assessment ‘as’ Learning, teachers must receive in-depth analysis of students' performance as they learn, both as individual students and as a group of students in a class and across the school.

Such analysis and reports will enable teachers to plan for improvement, develop personalised learning support and, most importantly, conduct an impact analysis of their student’s performance which is data-driven, covering not only the subject performance but also skills. This is something that the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) also mandates by way of a 360-degree Holistic Progress Report Card of students.

Zamit makes this possible for teachers by providing them with the necessary data analysis reports and training them to interpret the reports and on planning and design of personalised improvement journey.

This is how Zamit makes it possible.

  • Points
    Students undergo the ZQ Measurement and Analysis.
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    Students and Teachers receive a detailed report that covers over 100 skills clubbed into Zamit Nine Dimensions.
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    Students begin to complete and update their Student Portfolio of academic and non-academic activities.
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    Zamit provides inputs through reports and guidance on what more students must do to improve their portfolios.
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    All the above information is captured in a 360-degree Holistic Progress Card.
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    Teachers are trained by Zamit on reading and interpreting the report and using simple systems to develop personalised improvement recommendations for the students.

Being an ongoing process, which is in real-time, teachers can keep using this report as per a pre-defined time frame, e.g., monthly, quarterly, or even weekly.

To begin to take benefit of this unique feature, get your students to begin their journey of future readiness by taking their ZQ Measurement and Analysis and begin by preparing their portfolio.