Innovative Teaching Methods

Whether you teach literature or chemistry, whether you are a pre-school or a secondary school teacher and whether you are a novice or an experienced educator, keeping your students engaged and making your lessons more effective by regularly employing different approaches should be as important for you as building rapport and developing your content knowledge.

Zamit along with its academic partner QAI, UK’s leading certificating and assessment body, brings this 6 hours Professional Development Programme that will add towards your CPD hours.

Programme Details:

  • Points
    Duration: 6 hours
  • Points
    60 ZQ points
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    Mode of Delivery: Online, Face-to-face or Blended
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    Level: Mapped to Level 3 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), England
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    Certification from QAI, UK

Programme Highlights

This programme aims to provide you with practical ideas for making your teaching more innovative. In this programme you will

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    explore teaching outside of the confines of the classroom walls;
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    learn how to foster learning in informal settings and how to use everyday life experiences to spark interest in your students;
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    evaluate methods and technologies for supporting innovative teaching and learning in terms of their efficacy and appropriateness for different settings and learners;
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    consider teaching without the use of published materials, critically examine a range of innovative resources and review the use of authentic materials in the classroom.

Programme Modules

This CPD programme includes four modules:

  • 1.
    Innovative Teaching Methods: Overview (90 min.)
  • 2.
    Innovative Teaching Methods: Evaluation and analysis (120 min.)
  • 3.
    Teaching Without a Classroom (60 min.)
  • 4.
    Teaching Without a Coursebook (60 min.)
  • 5.
    Assessment (30 mins)