Content and Language Integrated Learning

This CPD programme is an introduction to CLIL – a dual-focused educational approach for teaching academic subjects through an additional language, thus simultaneously teaching content and language. Completing this course will help you develop a working understanding of successfully integrating CLIL into your own teaching.

Zamit along with its academic partner QAI, UK’s leading certificating and assessment body, brings this 6 hours Professional Development Programme that will add towards your CPD hours.

Programme Details:

  • Points
    Duration: 6 hours
  • Points
    60 ZQ points
  • Points
    Mode of Delivery: Online, Face-to-face or Blended
  • Points
    Level: Mapped to Level 3 of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), England
  • Points
    Certification from QAI, UK

Learning Outcomes:

During this course, you will

  • Points
    learn about CLIL – a competence-based approach to teaching and learning, where subjects are taught through the medium of a non-native language and language learning is integrated into the broad curriculum;
  • Points
    consider the advantages of CLIL and review the four Cs that underlie and enable the dual function of this approach;
  • Points
    examine why the use of CLIL is deemed essential for ‘the teacher and school of the future’;
  • Points
    develop a working understanding of successfully integrating CLIL into your own teaching;
  • Points
    evaluate and develop a range of interactive activities which will help you become more confident when teaching a subject in a second language;
  • Points
    learn about the right focus of assessment when employing the CLIL methodology

Programme Modules

This CPD programme includes four modules:

  • 1.
    Knowledge and Principles of CLIL (120 min.)
  • 2.
    Planning CLIL Lessons (75 min.)
  • 3.
    Delivering CLIL Lessons (75 min.)
  • 4.
    CLIL and Assessment (60 min.)
  • 5.
    Assessment (30 mins)