Zamit believes that teachers play a significant role in influencing and guiding schools students to become future-ready in the VUCA world. To encourage teachers to remain up-to-date with the latest changes within the area of future readiness and to continuously find new and innovative ways to help students succeed, Zamit, in association with The Future Foundation, a not-for-profit body, offers research grants to teachers to carry out original research.

Eligibility and access

The research grant is available to primary and secondary school teachers with at least three years of relevant teaching experience and demonstrable skills in implementing new and innovative teaching and mentoring methods. Participating teachers need to demonstrate their ability to effectively support at least 50 school students on their journey towards future readiness. The research grant offers INR 15,000 cash support to each teacher. In addition, Zamit and its academic partner QAI, UK, provide support and advice to the selected participants during the process of completing their research.

Research requirements

Participating teachers need to undertake independent and original research that is linked to Zamit’s Nine Dimensions for Students and provide recommendations that can be easily implemented as part of the teaching and learning process in schools. The research must also consider the recommendations of the NEP 2020 that encourage integrating future-ready skills into subject teaching.

The application process

Please note that each grant has specific deadlines that need to be met. All submissions are screened by a screening committee appointed by Zamit and its academic partner, QAI, UK.

  • Points
    One teacher can only submit one proposal.
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    Interested teachers must submit a research proposal to Zamit as a PDF document by email at or by WhatsApp at +91.9625440440. Click here to upload.
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    The research proposal must include the research hypothesis and the proposed plan of research in no more than 500 words.
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    Successful participants are notified by email along with the necessary steps to proceed.
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    The research must be completed within three months of receipt of the grant by the teacher.