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zamit is an information, engagement and networking platform that supports schools, students, teachers, parents, tutors and service providers to remain Future Ready.


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ZQ (a unique global index for Future Readiness) for stakeholders of the school's ecosystem


Curated news and updates on national & global educational matters


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Videos & podcasts by eminent experts on different aspects of future readiness

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Resources and professional development tools for teachers


Engaging and age appropriate stories (video and audio) for children in multi languages

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zlive is a platform to reach a wider audience virtually. Livestream your school events, conferences, meetings and much more!










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ZKiT (Zamit Keep in Touch) programme for Schools

The Zamit Keep in Touch (ZKiT) programme is a unique, customised support system designed for schools that are members of Zamit. The key objective of ZKiT is to work with Schools, Teachers and Students to act as a catalyst for Future Readiness.

ZKiT is designed around the world’s first ‘Future Readiness Index’, a framework developed for Schools, Teachers, Parents and Students to analyse their future readiness and to provide customised solutions and services. The ZQ is developed by Zamit in association with QAI, UK.

To become part of ZKiT, a school is required to get in touch with the Zamit and we will do the rest. You can either call us on +91.124.4054583 or send us an email at connect@zamit.one.

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ZEP - zamit Empowerment Programme

Seminars, Workshops and Professional development programme for teachers, parents and students that th are designed to prepare them for success in the 4th Industrial Age.

ZIP – zamit Internship Programme

A programme that offers students Internship and Apprenticeship opportunities for hands on work experience across several verticals.

ZISA – zamit International School Awards

A first of its kind stakeholder driven annual recognition award that recognises Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents and non-teaching Staff of Pre-schools and K-12 schools

ZCAS – zamit Centralised Admissions Services

A comprehensive Web and Mobile App based end-toend solution that simplifies the admissions process for prospective parents & schools.

ZEC - zamit Experience Centre

A physical space that offers students access to future ready resources & expert guidance for admissions, careers, placements, fitness,cybersecurity and many other areas. The ZFREC also offers various programmes that will help them prepare for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world by helping them improve their Learning Power, develop the right mindset with future readiness skills that are critical for living and working in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

ZCaP - zamit Campus

The Zamit Campus (ZCaP) is an online teaching-learning platform that enables teachers and students to connect online for the purpose of one-to-one or one-to-many learning experience. The ZCaP can be customised to suit a schools requirement and includes a host of useful features.

ZAP - zamit Ambassador Programme

It aims to create a network of skilled and like-minded school students. The programme facilitates and nurtures them to be future ready and contributes to their career growth with a motive to empower and assist in making them future ready who will serve as community specialists, brand evangelists and technology experts in their respective schools.

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The zamit Quotient (ZQ) of a school is the score built up around an algorithm of educational best practices, processes & systems, curriculum delivery innovativeness, co-curricular programs offered, technology integration in the classroom & appropriate use of the same in all subjects, that will prepare the students & faculty for the 21st century.

The ZQ for School will assist in assessing the schools’ collective strength in providing students with life skills, adaptability & critical thinking in the ever-changing scenario of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world, that they will inherit.

The ZQ for Schools framework is powered by QAI, UK a leading assessing and certifying body for academic excellence in the 4th Industrial Age.

The ZQ will provide schools with a self-assessed map across 6 strands including Learner Focus, Teaching Standards, Use of Technology, Skills for Students, Assessing Learning and Future Readiness.

As part of the process we offer you the opportunity to assess your school on its ZQ, at no cost. The school may choose to reassess and constantly work towards improving their ZQ.

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