Summer vacations take students and parents to some other world. Students do not have to worry about waking up early, getting ready for school, and running to catch the bus. Parents also go into a relaxed zone, as they don’t have to wake up early to get their kids ready for school, mothers don’t have to prepare breakfast and lunch boxes, they don’t have to run after kids to feed them before the school bus arrives.

All this makes it even more difficult to face the first school day after a long summer break. Although in some schools, the summer vacations are extended, but sooner or later schools are going to open. So lets get prepared!

Worry not zamit is here to help you with everything.

Tips to gear up for school after the summer holidays-

  • Wake up early alarm – 5 to 6 days before the schools re opens, start waking up your children early , to get them back to school day routines. It would also prepare the parents for school days.
  • Meals on time- it is time for some discipline at the dining table. Timely breakfast, meals, and on time lunch would get yourself and your kids in back to normal mode.
  • Early to bed- Kids love watching T.V, movies and playing games late into the night during vacations. But it would not work during school days, so bring some discipline back regarding bed time of kids by slowly moving the clock back half hour at a time, few days in advance.

  • Back to books- After a long break , a few days before school starts, kids hurry up to finish school work and then forget the school bag. Before schools open, check the homework and ensure it has been completed, as instructed.
  • Back to school on time- plan the first school day well, so that your kids don’t end up getting late for school. Be ready with their lunch box on time along with a healthy breakfast. Create some excitement at home about getting back to school.

Follow these useful zamit tips and have a HAPPY, FIRST DAY of School!

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