Enjoy zamit originals!

Enter the magical world of stories with zamit. Original stories in different languages that come with a moral of the story to reiterate to your children, values, traditions and ethics. These values and ethics empower your children to build a better society, as today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Their tiny shoulders have the responsibility to leave society better then they found it. Therefore, they must be future ready in every sense.

What children adore the most? The answer would be Comic books, cartoons with stories, storybooks and playing with the phone. Isn’t it? What if we say, we have a complete package that includes all this.

You don’t believe us? Okay! Don’t believe the words, believe the action. Our initiative zamit originals is a collection of exclusive stories for children. The voice modulation takes the listeners into the world of visual imagination, engaging storylines that keep the listener hooked, The moral of the story ensures that the listener has something valuable to take away from every single story.

All this is available on our mobile app. That means you would not be worried if your children are glued to your mobile phones. This would provide children all they want, moral stories, visual imagination, trip to the fantasy world and cell phones.

What was our motive behind this idea?

Well, we wanted to create something that not only entertains children but also teaches them something valuable life-lessons, through engaging, age appropriate stories. We worked on this idea, keeping in mind the busy parents and nuclear families.

These stories bring long forgotten grandma stories straight into the sleep time ritual. This platform will serve multiple purposes both for parents and children.

Furthermore, it can be used to compliment preschool education.

zamit- Let’s begin!

To Download the App, Click here
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/zamit/id1382629305?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MashVirtual.ZamitOne

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