Most students feel lost with subject selection after completing class 10 and are further confused as they enter class 11. They have to pick one stream out of the popular four options- medical (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), non-medical (Physics, Chemistry, Maths), Arts and Commerce. This is the time, when students need to decide what they want to do as they go forward in life and here comes the role of the career guidance program.   

This is just the starting point, the process of picking one out of bucket full of options is something you do till the time you find stability in your career. Therefore, a career guidance counselor guides student to select the correct combinations that will lead then to successful career paths.

The role of career counselling is critical at this stage for students. If you ask why? Here is the answer- if at a very initial stage a student gets the help of career advisor, then a student stands better chances of shaping her/his career without wasting any time. As higher education is an expensive affair, it is important to understand both eligibility & cut off percentage.

Several studies tell us that students just enroll themselves in a program because their best friend is going for it. Your best friend might be sure and interested in the path he/she is enrolling for, he/she might have received career counselling and after knowing his/her interest he/she might have selected that specific degree, or course. So why are following your friend blindly? Stop before saying ‘Yes’, think carefully, and seek the help of career counsellor.

After all, it is about your career, your whole life depends on it. It is going to be your means to earn and sustain yourself and your family. Therefore, this summer vacatios, encourage your children to join career guidance for students or find career guidance courses around you with the help of zamit.

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