ZISA stands for zamit International School Awards

Do you think your school is best? Well, it is time to show the world the same. We all take immense pride in being part of our school. It is a place that is like a second home, the temple of knowledge where teachers make us future ready, empowering us with education, social skills, and life lessons. This place gives us so much that we cannot express it all in simple words. But you may now express by voting for your school.

So what are you waiting for? Vote for your school and prove it the best school. As we all have some favourite teachers, so this is a chance for you to express your gratitude for them. Vote for your favourite teachers and make them rock stars. We are happy to announce that 8th International school awards are being sponsored by zamit. ZISA(zamit International School Awards) recognize the excellence in every facet of school education, by empowering students, teachers, parents and schools to choose the best schools and teachers.

Follow these simple steps to vote for your school and teachers-

Step 1- Download zamit app- a unique mobile app that connects school ecosystems. We are just a click away-
Google play store: http://bit.ly/playstoreZamit
App store: http://bit.ly/appstoreZamit

Step 2- Install the zamit app and search for your school on zamit app.

Step 3- Find your school on zamit app and vote for your school and your favourite teachers.

Isn’t it simple!

Before you vote let’s go through the categories-

Categories for Preschools

  • Best School
  • Best School for Child Development
  • Best School for Teaching Methodology
  • Best School for Safety & Security
  • Best School for Future Readiness
  • Jury Award- Best Managed Chain

Categories for Schools

  • Best School
  • Best Boarding School
  • Best Future Ready School
  • Best School for Teaching
  • Best School Leadership
  • Most Inclusive School

Categories for Teachers

  • Rock-star Teacher
  • Most Supportive Teacher
  • Most Creative Teacher

Categories for Jury Awards

  • Star Parent
  • Star Grandparent
  • Lifetime Contribution
  • Best Managed Chain School

Each vote counts. Therefore, your vote is very important. Download the app now and vote for your school and teachers, and be ready for mega award ceremony on October 19, 2019

zamit- Let’s begin!

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