Summer vacations are over, it is time to get back to school. That means mothers must be thinking of ideas on preparing healthy breakfast, and yummy lunch box. Children eagerly wait for the lunch break, to share tiffin with friends which is a crucial meal they should not miss.

So we have some points you might want to consider while preparing luncheon for your children, here we go-

Healthy and tasty lunch box– children do not like healthy food options like fruits and vegetables. So present the same with a tasty twist, if your child likes Maggie, pasta, and pizza. Don’t panic, just make all this at home adding loads of vegetables and avoiding unhealthy elements.

Multiple meals- instead of giving one meal for lunch, go for multiple meals. It is very difficult to fulfil all nutrition requirements in one go. Therefore, add small boxes, one for dry fruits, one for salad, one proper lunch box and one for some seasonal fruits. This would provide them required nutrients along with taking care of their cravings. Doing so you would successfully stop them from junk food. Children mostly have junk food during short breaks and after school-time. If you would give them multiple meals, they won’t feel the need to eat outside food.

Keep the weather in mind- some food items get spoiled because of the weather. It mostly happens in summers, and eating that food would hamper the health of your child instead of doing them good.

These are few tips to mind while preparing a healthy and yummy lunch box for your children. Stay tuned with us to read such helpful tips, and be smart parents with zamit.

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