Don’t panic, listen and understand your child.

The world is evolving every second, and with the evolving world education, learning, parenting and schools etc. are changing as well. Gone are the days when parents and teachers use to be very strict with children. In fact, students use to be afraid of their school teacherstuition teachers and parents. In today’s time forcing or threatening a child to do anything is considered as a serious offence. But now the question arises how to discipline your child without punishing them?

Every child is special-

For that, you must understand your child first. Some children are very sensitive, some are very serious, whereas some are care-free and some children are tough to handle. Instead of forcing things on them, sit with them and have friendly conversation with them. If they are not interested in any particular subject, then try to figure out what difficulty they are facing with the content of the subject. Possibly they may have a problem understanding the teachers, or the language, or maybe the way of teaching. It is a proven fact, that some children learn when explained using visual representation, some may learn using books, some understand when explained practically. Not every child is capable of cramming books. Therefore, before panicking about anything, learn the reason behind the problem and try to solve it without getting hyper.

Surrounding matters-

Furthermore, if your child is  short-tempered or is misbehaving or using profane language, instead of shouting or punishing her or him, try to figure out what is the source of all this. Yes, children learn things from surroundings,  from-parents, relatives, neighbours, teachers, friends, peers, movies, and T.V etc. Some parents themselves use offensive language and shout on each other, and when their children learn the same they get worried. So it is important to know that the language you use, your behaviour and your personality has a great impact on your children.


If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, then never hesitate to take help of a professional counsellor. If you are worried about the career of your child, consult a career counsellor, similarly for behavioral issues consult a child counsellor.


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