Tips to get ready for the rainy season

Mom, it’s raining heavily outside, how would I make it to school? How would I cross the road flooded with water? What if I get drenched in rain, followed by cold and fever? The excuses to miss the school on a rainy day are endless. Children generally feel lazy to attend school in the monsoon season. But are you ready for monsoon? Being a parent means you have to be on your toes to meet the daily challenges of parenting. Schools in Gurgaon often get flooded with water in the rainy season, that means a big challenge for parents to make their children attend the school. But this is not the only challenge that this season brings, isn’t it?

Monsoon is fun for all but also a challenge since cities are never ready for it. The dirty rain water is full of germs, bacteria which leads to an increase in the rate of sickness; cold cough and fever etc. This can be contagious and can be passed on to other members of the family as well.

So, zamit recommends the following tips for the parents to be monsoon ready-

1. It is time to say goodbye to big umbrellas. Give your children compatible and travel-friendly umbrellas, that can be put in the  school bag easily and require little space.

2. Raincoat for heavy rain- for drizzling and light rain umbrella would do but for dealing with heavy rain, raincoat and rain boots are required to protect your children from catching cold.

3. Monsoon season is also the season of viral infections, mosquitoes and different types of diseases. Therefore, protect your children by taking precautions in advance. Nowadays many creams, bands and other such options are available in the market to protect your children.

4. Immunity boosting- good immunity is key to protect your children against many diseases. Fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and supplements are known for immunity boosting and must be in your kitchen shelf. Stronger immunity means stronger protection against common diseases.

5. A clean home is a safe home- as this season invites many unwanted guests like virus, bacteria, fungi, and germs in the house. Therefore, regularly clean the carpets and rugs, and take care of the wooden furniture against bugs that come running in this season to infect your furniture.

6. Measures against diseases- do not let water stand and clean the drains regularly. Also, check electric wiring and connections to prevent any kind of mishap.

These are few tips to consider and be monsoon ready and smart parents with zamit.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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