Don’t be annoyed with too many questions asked by your child

It is the surrounding, upbringing, grooming, education and learning that make a person what he or she chooses to be. Becoming a person starts as soon as a child starts understanding, and observing his/her surrounding. Therefore, it is a huge responsibility of parents, teachers, and society to prepare physically and mentally healthy future citizens. Usually people get annoyed when a child asks too many questions.

Let us initiate a change, let’s feed the curiosity of children in an appropriate way. Let’s teach them moral lessons, way of living, care, love, passion, empathy, history of the land and long forgotten rituals. All that is listed here can be achieved by zamit originals, a series of exquisite stories that has all. Keep your child occupied with a learning experience and revive the long-forgotten ritual of telling children the grandma stories.

zamit is all about grooming your child for the future. Using this platform you can search, rate and review the schools in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Check the future-readiness of students, teachers, schools and parents. Use the ZQ to measure the strengths of a school.
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