Every day we wake up with a lot of energy for the activities of the day. How we spend that energy and time, define our growth and what we become in the near future. Therefore, time management is an essential skill for people of all ages. Students must have this skill to make the best use of their time, adults must have this skill to ensure success in their chosen paths. To inculcate time management skills in your child, it is important to make them follow a time table. Here we have some tips for you to consider while designing the time table for your children

Tips to make a time table for your child : 

  1. Balance- Keep a balance, a child must get time to play and indulge in extra-curricular activities along with studying. So design the time table accordingly, that ensures a balance.
  1. Divide the hours of the day- Keep a note of the time dedicated to everything, like school time, tuition time, playtime, snack time, dinner and breakfast time, family time, and time to wake up and bedtime.
  1. Don’t be too strict or too lenient- You must make your child understand the value of time but do not force. Instead of telling them to strictly follow the time table, remind them at the time of required action.
  1. Healthy discussion- if they feel lazy to follow the time table, instead of scolding or punishing them, have a healthy discussion around the importance of time management.
  1. Habit dies hard- it may be difficult initially, but once it becomes a habit of your child to follow the time table, it would be smooth. This would help your child in future as well, thus, making him/her future-ready.
  1. Follow-up- keep a check if they are following the time table, or if any element is deviating them.

When you meet a person, the first impression that a person gets of you is your being on time. Second is your body language, your way of greeting, that is part of your personality development. The early you start inculcating these skills in your child the better it is. zamit would be back with more such useful tips. Stay tuned with us!

Happy Parenting!

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