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Apart from school education, your child learns a lot from the surroundings, parents, siblings, and society. Therefore, it is important to utilize the after school time wisely to prepare your child for future life. Most parents send their child forcefully to sports, music or dance classes apart from tuition classes. Today the world is a different place, so before forcing any after school program on them, sit with them and discuss their interest areas. Accordingly, plan the after school program for them.zamit is a one-stop solution for this concern, using this platform you may search, rate and review tuition centres, and after school programs.

Here we have a list of some suggestions you might want to consider while selecting the after-school program for your children.

  • Improve the artistic skills– If your child is into art and craft, you would have multiple options like- calligraphy classes, fine art and painting classes for them. If your child is interested in other art forms like drama, and theatre then you may enroll him/her in theatre classes.
  • Sport and fitness– If your child is a fitness freak or enjoys sports. Then send him/her for cricket, volleyball, badminton, boxing, swimming or different forms of martial arts classes Nowadays, obesity is a major problem even among children. Sports and fitness classes would keep them in shape along with improving stamina and immunity.

  • Dance and music classes– your child is gifted with a beautiful voice or moves,accordingly, select the music and dance classes for them.

So figure out what your children enjoy the most and indulge them into the relevant after school programs. These programs will inculcate some useful skills in your child, that would help him/her in future. Let’s make our children future-ready and let’s be smart parents.

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