“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” – James Baldwin

Children learn by observing elders

You may get loads of books for your child to teach them etiquettes, you may tell them to behave in a certain way, but they would do what they would observe. Instead of blindly following the moral lessons they cram from books, they would follow what they see in the practical world. Children learn from their parents, teachers, elders, siblings and people around them. If you wish your child to be perfect, create the perfect surrounding.

How parents behavior affects behaviour of children?

If you tell your child to be patient, kind and polite but you yourself use abusive language, raise voice and have anger issues, then how can you expect your child would pick up the good values. Your child would follow the practical scenario and not what he/she has being told as good. It is observed that many children start drinking and abusing, observing their parents doing so. If you are not treating your parents with respect, how can you think your child would respect you? You indeed harvest what you sow. Therefore, before questioning the behaviour of your child you must observe yours, and the behaviour of people in touch with your child.

Keep a check on behaviour of teachers

After parents, a child considers his/her teachers as role models. If a teacher is using bad language, gossips, favors some children over others, or does not take the subject assigned seriously, this could affect the children and would teach them wrongdoing. Therefore, just sending your child to a good school, and taking care of him/her is not enough. You must keep a check on the behavior of people around your child, including yourself. If you feel the need for a counsellor, do not hesitate, as the child counsellor may help you figure out the issues that were just in front of you, but somehow you were not realizing it.

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