Let your child discover the inner talent

As per the famous Chinese saying, “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”

Education is not only about cramming books and passing exams. The purpose of education is to prepare the children for the future. Therefore, future-ready measures must be included in the syllabus of schools. If a child is not good in maths, that doesn’t mean he/she is not a good student, before reaching on any decision, make sure you have considered all the parameters. A student not good in maths may be excellent in literature. A student not so good with books may have a future in singing, dancing or acting.

Why not give our children some room for creativity? Let them discover their inner talent.

Let’s provide wings to the dreams of children, so they fly towards a better tomorrow. Many a times, due to societal restrictions many talents get lost in forced family businesses. The son/daughter of doctor might not be a doctor, he/she might have some other hidden talent, the talent that was suppressed by parents or society or education system. It is time to bring the change and be the change. The education system must be flexible and future-ready, parents must respect and support the dreams of their child, society must accept the change.

But the first step must be taken by parents, support your child if he/she is rocking the stage, it is okay not to ace the complex algebra. The key to this change is a healthy discussion. Instead of forcing any decision on your child, sit with them and discuss the situation with them. The pressures of performance and prejudices must be the tales of past.

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