How do you picture the future?

Inspired from Hollywood movies and series, we imagine our future timeline shining with technologically advanced gadgets like flying cars, smart and cool gadgets, and robots replacing most of the manual work. Here we are discussing, some situations that may appear in future:

Air traffic- in the present world we all are victims of road traffic, as we get late for work, school, colleges etc. When we are stuck in traffic and the clock is ticking, all of us think about having a flying car. This dream would most probably become a reality in the near future. But given the increase in population, don’t you think air traffic would be a concerning issue? Another concern is how the flying zone would be defined. Imagine a drunk driver, driving or more precisely flying the flying car, leads to crashing with some flying truck, just above office tower.

Robots taking over the world- the common fear we all share, watching those fiction movies, where robots and computer technology become a puppet in the hands of devils and we all know the results. But let’s see the possible situation in the near future. Employees can be loyal to the company, but robots won’t be if given a command.

Prevention is better than cure, though it is an old proverb, but would stand very true even in the future. So it is okay to dream high but must consider the possible situations and how to fix the same.
Inbox us your take on possible situations in future. Let’s discuss the future, let’s be future-ready.

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