Teach your children the values, and ability to distinguish right from wrong

It is rightly believed that one may not have the power to change the past as it is already a done thing, but one has the power to design the future. Somethings must not be part of the 21st century. The perpetually changing world demands huge reforms in society. Perhaps the time has arrived, where prejudice has no role to play.

Here is a sincere attempt at compiling the evils of today and past we must bid adieu in coming future-

  • Male prejudice against women- we are living in the era that witnessed scrapping of article 377, that means we are one step ahead of establishing gender equality. But are we really? Going by the notion, that posting ‘love is love’ on social media pages is a cool and common thing, the male prejudice against women must be the talk of the past. But the truth is not hidden, as, in many states/towns/cities and villages of our country, gender discrimination is an ugly truth. Even in the metropolis. But we need to educate our children to make the future of our country free of this evil.

  • Gender wage gap- it is a form of gender discrimination and our Bollywood is a popular example of it. Why heroes are paid more even in the movies with the leading role of heroin? Though some directors are making small changes like putting the name of female cast first, talking about the difference in pay-cheque is still a hush-hush affair. Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional cinemas are in need of reforms when it comes to wages.
  • Honour killing- marrying someone against the social norms, be it different religion, country, sentiments, beliefs or state is still a prevailing evil in our society. We must not curse our future generation with the same. If same-sex marriage is accepted and legal, than what would it take to make everyone understand that every citizen of India is free, we live in a democratic country with equal legislature rights(we may say this with more surety after watching article 370 being scrapped)? So it is a criminal offence to prevent anyone from exercising his/her rights given by Constitution.

It is high time to openly discuss these essential changes with our future generation. Adding to the list- dowry, racial or any other kind of discrimination, female foeticide, and illiteracy are evils of society that must not be passed to the next generation. Along with being technologically advanced, we must be socially advanced, without forgetting the moral values.

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