Self-confidence is an important value in defining success

Education and parenting play a huge role in defining the personality of an individual. Parents and teachers are responsible for parenting and education respectively, they have a great influence on a child. Therefore, they bear this huge responsibility on their shoulders for upbringing a child in the right manner. Otherwise, they would be held accountable for repercussions. Along with inculcating the moral and social values in a child, they also have to help a child in personality development. When it comes to personality development, the value of self-confidence cannot be ignored.

Why you must inculcate self-confidence in your child?

Here we have listed all the reasons, why self-confidence is a key ingredient in the personality development of an individual.

Keeping your thoughts to yourself is not always a beneficial trade. When you are required to express yourself, you must keep your introvert nature aside and come out of the shell to speak out why you must be the chosen one, or why you must be hired or why you must be promoted. It is not possible to acquire confidence overnight. Therefore, start early, indulge your child in activities like extempore, storytelling, debates and open discussions to make sure he/she does not shy away from the world.

Apart from career growth, self-confidence is a very important key in building strong relationships with your friends, colleagues, superiors, relatives, neighbours, and family. If you are that kind of a person who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Then some may take advantage of your shy nature. Therefore, self-confidence is important when it comes to scoring well at being social.

But that doesn’t mean you wear your heart on your sleeves. Expressing too much or not at all, both are extreme cases and the ideal one is the balance of both. Your child must know what he/she is supposed to say out loud and what he/she is supposed to hold back. There is a difference between self-confidence, and overconfidence, your child must know the difference, as the latter one may do more harm than good.

Self-confidence is like a jewel to your personality. Wear it and you would shine everywhere, be it a social gathering, a party, an important meeting or an interview.

Make your child future-ready, by boosting his/her confidence. Let your child speak out about his/her opinions. Encourage them to speak in public, in front of relatives, friends and family. Celebrate their every big and small achievement to boost their confidence.

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