Let’s discuss and promote the importance of the mental health of students.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the alarming situations and must be dealt with wisely and on the serious note. Never underestimate or ignore these signs of mental illness. As per the surveys, these are the major reasons behind the poor academic performanceschool dropouts. 70% youth in the juvenile justice centre are suffering from mental illnesses, and suicidal attempts. How to minimize the mental illnesses, if you ask; the answer is spreading awareness regarding the seriousness of mental health.

The first step is to understand the reasons behind these mental illnesses. Major reasons are drastic changes in lifestyle, family situations, academic pressure, financial constraint, relationship management struggle etc., along with the change in diet, sleep pattern and physical exercise etc. Reasons vary from one individual to another. Therefore, the best way of dealing with issues related to mental health is by seeking the help of a professional counsellor for students.

If you as parents, guardians, or teachers identify any mental health issue, you must take it seriously and seek medical help. According to the studies it is found that lack of proper counselling, medication and other such required measures, make the mental health issue worse with time and age. It is also found that in many cases, even after identifying the issue, patients do not seek medical health, that makes the situation worse in the coming years. Therefore, after identifying the problem it is important to seek medical help.

Why you must consider these issues seriously? Because these issues can affect the academic performance of students, hampering concentration, along with physical sufferings like chest pain, nausea, and racing heartbeat etc. In the case of ignorance, students suffering from mental illnesses grow up getting addicted to alcohol and drugs. They choose the path of alcohol and drugs to get away from mental stress but fall into the trap of other major health issues, behaviour and personality issues. Before one thing leads to another and results in a worse situation, it is wise to solve the problem at the initial stage, isn’t it? Spread the word about the importance of mental health and do your bit to contribute towards building a healthy society.

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