Things that would stay in future for good

When we talk about being future-ready, we talk about advance technology, new jobs, future-ready education and a lot more. What we miss almost all the time are some things that won’t be out of fashion even in the future, of course for good. Like the old wine tastes the best, old songs are the best and the classic fashion of gone era is still in trend. Perhaps some things or more precisely some art skills are going to stay, here we will discuss those. This write up is for the people who wish to be future-ready, but are not interested in complications of technology. For example, creative minds need not to worry, the future definitely holds a glorious place for you.

  • Handmade stuff- though a lot of manual work or tasks are being taken over by machines. But handmade things are still appreciated, in fact, some products have the handmade tag as the USP. The art exhibitions are like a sincere tribute to all hand workers and handcrafted things. Therefore, if you love art and craft, or you are not the bright mind of the classroom, you may have a bright future in the handcraft sector/industry. Cooking and baking is art, we all kill our time watching videos of delicious and presentable food on social media. Remember those rainbow cakes, and nowadays embroidery icing is very much in fashion. Handmade kurtas, shawls, scarfs, rugs, carpets and knitted woollens are only a few things as the list goes long way. So express your talent of art and earn a handsome living today and in future.

  • Creativity- be it creative writing, like blogs, slogans, add copies or writing scripts and stories for movies and TV shows or selling creativity in the form of interior designing or fashion designing. The creativity would be always be pleasing to the eyes, the future era won’t mind the creativity and that would make it a career option in future. In fact, technology is incomplete without adding the required creativity. Without a creative idea, graphic designing is nothing, augmented reality is nothing. Therefore, rest assured, as your creativity won’t be ignored, neither today nor in the future.

Concluding this zlog, we would advise you that do not let future scare you, instead, let your talent make you a way to a bright future.

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