Machines replacing manual labour is not a new thing. As we already know, in the kitchen many tasks are being performed by machines, like coffee making, dish-washing, making dough and chapatis etc. In farming sector too -sowing, harvesting and spraying pesticides and fertilizers etc., are tasks being performed by machines. In construction of the buildings, machines are a great help at one hand and resulting in decreasing the manual labour on another hand.

Travelling back in time, before the invention of cars; bullock carts and horse carts were means of transport. So that advancement and update in technology is not something new. As per the rising needs and problems, technology is rising as a solution to those needs and problems. But as the old jobs diminish, the new jobs emerge. Therefore, instead of panicking about the future, be prepared for the future. If you ask how here we are suggesting some future-ready courses, that would make your future-ready.


  • Data Analytics- A lot of data is generated every second across the globe, therefore, no doubt the jobs in the sector of data analytics would be in high demand in future. Data analytics deal with inspecting, extracting, modelling and transforming data to achieve useful information as per the particular requirements that helps in decision making and knowing the target audience for achieving commercial or study-based goals.
  • Cyber Security- with the increasing use of internet services and social media platforms, the cybercrimes are increasing as well. In order to put a stop on the increasing rate of cybercrime for good, cybersecurity services play an important role. That means the jobs in this sector would surely increase in future.
  • Artificial Intelligence- is intelligence demonstrated by the machines in contrast to human intelligence. This process makes the computer system and machines capable of learning, reasoning and self-correction. The courses in AI would make you ready for futuristic jobs.

  • AR/VR- courses in Augmented reality and virtual reality is like diving into the future, a glimpse of which is visible in present as well. These technologies are bound to make big revolutionary changes in the sector of medicine, entertainment and other industries. Learn how to create interactive augmented and virtual reality content, to be future-ready.

These are tools to be future-ready, use wisely and be ready as the future unfold.

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