Accept your weaknesses and work on them

Teachers and parents play a prime/lead role to ensure proper upbringing of a child. Therefore, they must know what values they need to teach a child, to prepare him for the future as an ideal citizen. Today we would discuss the importance of ‘Acceptance’ as a value to teach a child.

You must have heard often, a boy child saying he is not crying(while he is visibly crying), why this happens? Here we are at fault for teaching boys that ‘the boys don’t cry’. Why can’t they cry if they are hurt? We all are humans if we can laugh when we are happy then why can’t we cry when we are hurt. If we can love others, then why can’t we express our displeasure when we are hurt because of those people we love. Why can’t we accept that we are humans with many emotions, many strengths and many weakness? We need to learn and teach our children, that acceptance is power and strength, and not a weakness. If we won’t accept our weakness, faults, and problems, we won’t be able to solve or fix them. That would make us stuck with those faults, weaknesses and problems forever. Denial would not only hamper our personality development but would also disturb us mentally.

Therefore, teach your child that there is nothing wrong in accepting emotions, and there is nothing wrong in accepting if they are wrong. Accepting your shortcomings and working on them make you a strong person. Whereas the state of denial and blaming others for your failure would only cut short your success, along with spoiling your relations with others.

Along with accepting that we are only humans and are capable of doing both right and wrong, we must also accept that others are also humans and it’s totally natural and normal to commit mistakes. The beauty of being human is that if we can do something wrong, we can also make that right, by accepting our wrongdoing and working on it.

So let’s add acceptance as an important value in our personalities.

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