Indulge your students in these indoor activities and cheer them up

Sports period is a favourite period of almost all the students. Everyone looks for this period when they get a chance to indulge in their favourite sports with their classmates. But rain spoils the fun and students feel stuck in class, and it gets worse when maths teacher appear to make the best use of sports period on a rainy day. Well, we have an alternative for students and teachers to enjoy the sports period. If it’s raining outside the indoor activities can be conducted to cheer up the students and engage them into something fun.  

Here we have a list of indoor activities that may be perfect for those rainy days-

  • Indoor games-chess, badminton, table tennis, board games, indoor soccer, and basketball etc.
  • Interior designing, art and craft-DIY is the best way of designing any space, let students design their classrooms, this would also make them feel like they belong to the classroom and it’s their space to learn and explore.
  • Debate, extempore and news reading-let them speak their heart out, so that they know they have the right to have an opinion and must also listen and respect the opinion of others.
  • Dancing and singing-dancing and singing are the activities that are part of every indoor activities list, add your own twist or introduce new styles of dancing and singing and you would witness it is always fun.

  • Yoga classes- Physical activities play a very important role in the physical development of children. Rainy day wash off the outdoor sports plans, so let the Yoga come to your rescue. Yoga classes would help in being physically fit and meditating both at the same time.

So do not let the rain spoil the fun, in fact, double the fun with these indoor activities and enjoy the rainy season.

Do write us back if you have some more ideas to add to the list of indoor activities.

We wish you Happy Monsoon once again!

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