Tips for teachers to engage students and improve standards of learning

The first challenge for teachers is to engage the students, and the second challenge is to sustain the same. Getting the attention of students may seem easy but to keep them attentive for the entire lecture is a task for a teacher. A lot is changing in the world of pedagogy, in order to: improve the grades of students, make them future-ready, and ensure their overall personality development. Therefore, the pressure is increasing on the teachers to make class lectures interactive and productive.

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Here we have some tips for teachers to improve classroom productivity

Artistic ways of teaching complex concepts- Instead of explaining the complex formulas on the blackboard, maths can be fun if you integrate art with maths. Check out the ‘Teacher Resources’ section of zamit app and explore the innovative ways of teaching.

Use of technology- Gone are the days when we use to get internet access only during the computer period. Nowadays, children are allowed to have their own tabs, smartphones and laptops that too at a very young age. Therefore, students of today’s world are comfortable with technology and teachers can use the same technology to make classrooms interactive and interesting. Digital devices and platforms can be used to make lectures productive.

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Change the classroom settings- how you design classroom sitting in your school makes a huge difference. Students who want to avoid learning and paying attention simply opt for sitting at the back and then we blame backbenchers as troublemakers in classes. So, why not remove the problem from its very own roots? Design the sitting in such a way, that every student can participate. Teachers must pay attention to every student of the class equally.

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