Follow these tips and bid adieu to exam worries

Midterm exams are just around the corners. Before the exam worries knock you down, it is wise to be ready with exam preparation strategies. Plan your studies in advance, in order to avoid last day rush to cover the entire syllabus. Planning in advance can save you a lot of hassle.

Here we are sharing 10 exam tips with you-

  1. Time management- Divide your preparation time wisely. Make a time table and stick to it.
  2. Break time- make sure you have small breaks in between, to relax and to retain all you learnt in the past hour.
  3. Get proper sleep- your brain needs rest, otherwise, you would be a great mess. So get sound sleep.
  4. Eat healthy and timely- have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with having small and healthy meals in between. Avoid unhealthy snacking and replace it with healthy ones like dry fruits, fruits, salad, and sprouts etc..
  5. Keep yourself hydrated- drink plenty of water, you must know the major part of your brain is water. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Wake up on time- to avoid any kind of trouble on exam day, wake on time. So that you may have a proper breakfast, and you get enough time to get ready for the exam. Starting the exam day properly and calmly makes a huge difference.
  7. Exam material- a day before the exam, make sure you have everything required for the exam. Make a list of all the things you need and make sure you tick the whole list one day before the exam.
  8. Study under proper light- do not put stress on your eyes by studying under dim light. Make sure you have plenty of natural light entering your study room and at night put on enough lights to study.
  9. Don’t try to cram everything last minute- just before the exam starts, students can be seen holding books and trying to cram as much as possible. This not only builds lots of unnecessary pressure but also make you confused as you try to cover important topics in a hurry.
  10. Use exam time wisely- read the question paper, and divide your exam time accordingly. For each task define the time limit and try to stick to that. Solve the questions you know very well first and leave the difficult questions for later.

zamit wish you all the best for exams! Be confident and give your best!

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