Every child is special!

“Sharma Ji’s son accomplished this or that”, is a very famous dialogue/reference used in many movies, videos, jokes and various other platforms. It is based on the theory, where parents compare their kids with children of their neighbours, relatives or colleagues. This practice or habit not only hampers the confidence of your child but also puts them under lot of pressure which they don’t deserve. Every child is special, and every child is different. Your child may not be good at academics but maybe he/she is an excellent sportsperson. It is not fair to call him/her a total disappointment based on her/his grades. Doing so is unhealthy for your child, and may hamper his/her overall growth, along with shadowing the real talent in him/her.

career goals

Before judging your child, it is important to understand his/her interest area, and based on the same, help your child establish career goals. Teach your child to compete with himself/herself, not with others. Growth of the child must be measured, based on his/her performance. If your child is doing better than yesterday, then encourage him/her to do even better in future, do not discourage your child by comparing his/her achievements with other children.

Have patience and be flexible, it is natural if interest or career goals of your child changes with passing years. With experience, ageing and better understanding of one’s real potential, it is natural to change the future plans, career goals or interests. Therefore, do not be too harsh, if your child decides to be something else, support your child. Do let your child know the best opportunities for him/her but don’t force your opinion on your child. Let your child make his/her decisions, doing so you would make them self dependent, a value that shapes the personality of an individual.

So, trust and support your child, because if you won’t who would?

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