Digital behaviour of children must be regulated

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to ensure that children have a healthy relationship with technology. In fact, it is the need of the hour and many foreign universities have already started working on the   digital well-being of students. It is high time to set rules for using digital devices and digital platforms. Children must be taught digital etiquette. Screen time must be considered by parents and teachers in order to bring back the balance between real and virtual life.

Classes on behaviour and personality development must cover the topic of digital behaviour. All this discussion makes a point that digital detoxification is immensely important for children. People born in 90’s know that back then the internet was limited to a  computer class for most of the school students. But today, teachers use digital devices and the internet to teach in classes, children of a young age are allowed to have their own tabs, phones and laptops. This has increased the screen time, that affects the eyesight and increase stress on eyes. Another ill effect is lack of physical movement, most people prefer to sit while working on digital technology, and the increase in sitting time is the major reason behind the rising obesity problems in children.

Trolling, cyberbullying and rising cybercrimes are very serious concerns. We need to stop feeding the trolls, a few days back a brand put on a campaign on protesting against trolls by posting purple heart. Such initiatives are the need of this time and serious steps must be taken to regulate the online behaviour of children. Cybercrime must be considered seriously.

Technology is the future, there is no doubt but excess of everything is harmful, therefore digital detoxification is a way to balance the relationship of children with digital devices and digital platforms. Do not expect  immediate results as a habit dies hard. Parents and teachers must try their best to teach children the value of real life, how to balance real and virtual life and how to differentiate between real and virtual life.

Set some rules, like no phones or digital devices at the dinner table. Parents must follow the rules as well. While on vacation, picnic, or dining out encourage your children to live the moment instead of capturing and posting everything on social media platforms.

Teach children the wise use of digital technology. Digital technology can be used for edutainment, doing homework, reading something valuable and consuming healthy content.

Together we can fix it all! Recognizing the problem is the first step, documenting the solution is the second step and taking action on fixing the problem is the final step.

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