Guide to planning a perfect Birthday party for your child!

Children are always excited about birthday parties. When the birthday month starts, the planning and daydreaming to make the birthday special starts with it. To make a list of friends and relatives to invite, selecting cake, snacks and main course to deciding on return gifts, the whole process is very consuming in itself. Parents and grandparents get equally excited about the birthdays of their little ones, to watch them grow and celebrate their achievements. But it is really a task for parents to plan a perfect birthday party. Because if anything goes against the plan, the child would remember it for years with disappointment. Therefore, to avoid any kind of hustle, chaos, or mismanagement; plan everything well advance. 


Here we have a simple step by step guide for you to make the special day the memorable one

List of guests- the first and foremost task is to prepare a list of guests. Because everything from budgeting, planning and arrangements would depend on the number of guests being invited.

Decide the venue- the second task is to decide the venue of the birthday party. Depending on your budget, availability of place, the number of guests invited, and convenience, decide the place that would comfortably host your guests. If you are hosting the party at home, it would save you the headache of booking the place, but when guests would leave the party, the after-party chaos would be another issue to deal with. So choose wisely considering everything.

Send the invitation- once you have the list of guests and venue, the next task would be to send the invitation. You may go by the old way of sending invitation card or save the paper, money and your time, by sending a digital invitation on What’s app or email. Mention the venue with date, timing and if it is a theme-based party, mention the theme as well. Do not forget to mention your contact details or contact details of venue reception.

Cake, snacks and main course- children generally love cakes, cup-cakes and snacks and hardly go for the main course. As it is the birthday party of your child and main guests would be also children, so plan the menu to impress the children. The cake must be the choice of the birthday boy or girl, nowadays many types of customized cakes are also available, so get the design as it pleases your little one.

Party dress- if it is theme-based, your child would tell you what he/she wants to be. If it is casual, then also let your child decide, you may help only as much as required. 

Decoration- nowadays, many online platforms provide you with the services of decorating a hall or any place for different occasions, of course with customization. So in case you are running short of time, they are just a scroll and call away.

Birthday- make sure that the hosts are present at the venue one hour before the party starts. Some guests may arrive a little before time and it is very annoying for children or for that matter for anyone to walk in unattended or unwelcome. Check the arrangements before time, make a list of all the things important and tick that list.  

Return gifts- before guests start leaving, make sure to have the return gifts ready and a person dedicated to hand over the return gifts to children ready. The guest children would feel special if the birthday boy or girl give them a return gift. 

We hope this simple yet useful step by step guide would help you in throwing a perfect birthday party for your child. We wish you lots of happiness and memories. Just do everything from the heart and your child would feel the warmth of your love and care. Don’t worry if one or two things go off the plan, the smile on the face of your child is what matters the most. 

Happy Parenting!

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