Children must be taught the importance of patience

In today’s high-speed internet world, it is so easy to annoy anyone. If on an occasional basis, low internet connectivity can make people restless and go crazy, just imagine how easy it is to drive people insane. If someone has ordered food online, and the delivery guy gets a little late, because of genuine reasons like traffic and those countless reasons that make driving impossible on roads, it suddenly empowers the customer with the right to yell at the poor fellow. Youngsters nowadays watch 5 minutes inspiring stories of successful business persons and all they get inspired to search for short-cuts to make huge money. They somehow ignore that part, where the real struggle of that successful person is pictured. The children of the 21st century are born with impatience. They want everything instantly as they are never taught the value of patience.

In childhood, your children might face no problem, as you would be there to take care of his every need. But just think about the future, when your child would be a grown-up person. When your child would be  on his/her own. At that point of time rushing things won’t be helpful, rather it would result in more chaos. If you want to make your child future-ready, inculcating old yet gold values like patience, hard work along with smart work, choosing the right path, and never running from the difficult situation is very important.

If your child demands for anything special, don’t give it easily. Make your child earns it, to make him/her understand the value of money and how things are earned in the real world. If you are a child is asking for something that he/she do not really require, ask your child to wait for the right time. Purchase that thing for him/her at the time when your child really requires it. This way you would teach patience to your child.

Furthermore, if your child is stubborn about something, never encourage such behaviour. As short-cuts lead you nowhere. But you must know how to say no. Never directly deny without giving any reason, it would only create misunderstanding. Instead, sit with your child, discuss why it is not the right time and right way to get the things. Reward your child for the patience and make your child understand the value of choosing the right path always and never get trapped in short-cuts.

Let’s teach our children moral values to make them responsible citizens of the future.

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