Use common sense as a defence against fake news, trolls, and dangerous trends

We are living in a digital age. Where everyone from adults to children can be seen hooked to the phone screen. Children prefer spending time texting and using social media than going out in the playground. Instead of visiting relatives on special occasions, people prefer sending them greetings online. The world is definitely changing, but not all for good. Digital evils are spreading their roots. Fake news, trolling, dangerous trends like Kiki challenge and hacking etc., are challenges of this digital age. 

Awareness and common sense must be used as weapons to fight these evils. Strict actions must be taken against digital crimes. With everything online, we often use online payment methods to do online shopping or ordering food online. As it saves us all the hassle of keeping the exact change in hand while receiving the delivery of products. But how safe is it to share the account details online? As per a study, the account details you share with companies, stay with them forever. If any internet glitch happens while you are making the payment, it becomes a very easy job for hackers, if the payment gateway is not heavily protected.  Children are easy prey to hackers.  

Children and youngsters also get easily influenced by fake news, and dangerous trends like blue whale, where in some cases loss of lives also results. It is very common news nowadays, to know about someone getting hospitalized for some game addiction. Trolling is another major concern. Victims of troll often get stressed, disturbed or even depressed and suicidal in some severe cases. 

Therefore, it is high time to make some strict rules against all these evils. Children must be taught to identify real news from fake news. As fake news has the potential of affecting many lives, putting someone undeserving in danger, or resulting in mass movements against the fake cause. 

Let’s be aware and let’s use common sense while using digital devices and social media platforms. If children find anything suspicious, they must immediately inform their parents or elders. Elders must inform the police or concerned authority judging the seriousness of the case. 

At zamit, we are strongly against cyberbullying, misusing someone’s personal information, fake news and all such digital evils. 

Together we can fight these problems!

 zamit- Let’s begin! 

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