Let your children learn the wisdom from their grandparents!

Childbirth is considered as the bundle of joy for both parents and grandparents. It is a life-changing event, for all who are directly and deeply associated with the child. Priorities of parents change with welcoming the little one. Parenting/upbringing the child is a huge responsibility and no one can afford to go wrong. Earlier upbringing a child use to be considered as a responsibility of a whole family, everyone uses to participate in this. This use to happen in the era of big joint families.

Today’s time belongs to nuclear families. Children of 90’s must have witnessed this drastic change, the breaking of big families into the nuclear ones. Many recall it as a heartbreaking change. But most children of present era opened their eyes in previously established nuclear family system. It is difficult to say if they are lucky or not. But they are surely missing on a lot. The love and care of grandparents is something they lack in these nuclear families.

Along with grandchildren, the grandparents also suffer. As they are deprived of the love of their grandchildren. It is not healthy for both. What does a grandparent want? Just respect and love of their dear children and grandchildren! They crave for love, not for the money or expensive gifts you send them and think you are being responsible enough. We need to reiterate the values back to our families.

Here we have a guide of ensuring a deep bond between grandparents and grandchildren!

When you make a weekly time-table for your children, make sure you keep aside some time for grandparents.

If they(grandparents) live with you, make a daily habit that your children must spend some quality time with grandparents. Teach them to respect and love their grandparents.

If they live in some other city, try to bring them together as often as possible. Never let your child forget about their grandparents. Make your child feel responsible for their grandparents.

Doing so, the grandchildren would learn about family history, family relations and how things were in the time of their grandparents and how things changed, some for good and some for worse. Grandchildren would learn from the experience of grandparents, they would learn wisdom and what really matters in life and things that are just a phase in life.

This interaction would help grandparents learn about new technology and how the young generation think and do things. This would end the huge generation gap that exists.

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is really beautiful and worth cherishing and celebrating. Please do not deprive them of love and care of each other. It is high time we start valuing the elders, their wisdom, experience and life-lesson worth passing to the next generation.

Let’s bring back the grandma’s storytelling time and grandpa’s history lesson time.

Let’s not just run after making money and growing this concrete jungle. Let’s also nourish these beautiful relations with love and care.

zamit- Let’s begin!

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