To sustain the beautiful culture, it must be passed on to the next generation

Festival season has begun! Now we are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, and south part of our country is celebrating Onam. Next month would see the magic of Dussehra, Durga Puja and Diwali celebration along with Karva Chauth and Bhai dooj. India is known for beauty in diversity, and our festivals are the best examples of the same. These festivals teach us brotherhood, moral values, social values and spread lots of happiness and positive vibes.

Children get really excited about the festivals, as they get new clothes, sweets, and delicious food etc. But do they learn traditions, the historical importance of these festivals, and a life lesson hidden behind celebrating every festival? At zamit, we try our best to teach your children the moral values, history lessons behind celebrating these festivals through zamit originals. Zamit originals are all about reiterating the forgotten moral values children use to learn by listening to grandma stories. Listen to our zamit originals and you would notice every beautiful story has a life lesson or moral values for your children.

Parents must use these festivals as a medium to teach their children cultural, social, and moral values to pass on the meaningful traditions and values to the next generation. Let your children participate in the preparation of festivals, like cleaning, decorating the place, preparing sweets and other traditional food items. Enhance their creativity by encouraging them to handmade things like diyas(earthen lamps), candles, and other hangings. Nowadays at schools and playschools children are taught to make idols of Gods using clay and decorating the idols with paints and other decoration material. Doing all this, children learn teamwork, creativity and traditions. In many schools teachers hold rakhi making competitions to promote handmade things. 

So, this festival season let your children accompany you for shopping and let them help you in rangoli making, and making festival hangings etc. Ask them to pack gifts and let them hand over the gifts, this way you would teach them family values and that would deepen their bond with relatives and family members.  

Let’s continue celebrating every festival with great enthusiasm, love and care. Let’s continue sharing joys, making memories and inspiring the world to live for such moments. 

Be safe and spread lots of love, and smiles!

We wish you lots of happiness! 

 zamit- Let’s begin! 

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