Happiness is the key to a successful life!

Mental illness is a hot topic in today’s world. The happiness index is falling as depression cases are increasing. Every other day some famous personality reveals his/her story of fighting depression. That means it is not related to poverty or loneliness. It is a mental condition, that, unfortunately, may affect anyone. Most people misunderstand mental issues merely as psychological, but in reality, these issues are physical, emotional along with being psychological. Rich and famous people are also being affected by it. Though they have enormous wealth and a huge fan following yet they are suffering in the dark corners of depression.

Therefore, it is high time to address the elephant in the room and take it seriously. As mental problems like anxiety, aggression, depression, and panic disorder etc., affects the productivity, personal/professional life and overall health of an individual suffering from these problems. The sad reality is that these mental issues are not even sparing the children.

Before moving ahead let’s shed some light on the root causes of mental issues– childhood abuse or neglect, loneliness, discrimination, social isolation, social disadvantage, losing someone close to you, long term stress, drug overuse, unemployment, excess work or study pressure/stress etc. Along with these major causes of mental health problems, some minor causes which we often ignore are- poor lifestyle, imbalanced diet, lack of proper sleep and imbalanced work and personal life.

Looking at the list of causes, it is quite clear that depression may affect people of any: age, gender, or financial background. The best way of preventing these problems is spreading awareness about the symptoms. The serious mental illness can be prevented if it is diagnosed at the earlier stage. There must be a mandatory subject on mental health at school and college levels. Students at an early age must be aware of the symptoms, types of mental disorders and when to consult a professional.

Here is a list of symptoms of mental health problems: sadness, hampered ability to concentrate, sudden mood swings, isolating oneself, unexplained tiredness, sleeping problems, hallucination, inability to perform regular tasks, drastic change in eating habits, unexplained aggression and suicidal thoughts etc. If you notice these symptoms in your near and dear ones, never ignore instead suggest consulting the professional.

Why these mental health issues are increasing in today’s time? The answer is very simple, as we are living in fast-evolving, competition-driven world, where it is really hard to balance a personal and professional life; disturbed sleeping pattern and unhealthy diet are other add ups. Even children take lots of stress, they face lots of competition and they face lot of violence playing video games for several hours and watching adult-rated content as they have access to the internet and digital devices at a very early age. Children are losing innocence at an early age and start behaving like adults. Some mental issues can also be transferred from one generation to another.

Happiness drives must be conducted in corporate offices, employers must consider the happiness and health of their employees seriously. Work and personal life balance must be maintained. The mental health of parents has a major influence on the overall development of their children. At workplaces, home and in fact everywhere positivity must be promoted. The reasons behind motivational speakers rising to fame are these mental issues, negativity, work pressure, irregular and long working hours that largely influence the home atmosphere along with work atmosphere.

Let’s spread smiles, let’s spread happiness and let’s promote good health! 

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