Tips for teachers to maintain discipline in class

Teachers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to shape the future of students, to teach them discipline, moral and life values; to make them ideal citizens of future. In a way, they prepare the future of our country. For parents, it becomes a real task to look after one or two children and we can only imagine how hard it is to handle a class of students, where every student has a different mindset, belongs to the different family background, have weaknesses along with talent. At zamit we value teachers; we can never give them back enough for all the hard work, care and love they put together to make our children future-ready. 

Here we have a simple guide to manage your class:

1. Plan the classroom time in advance- do it on a weekly basis or daily basis, but to have a day planned at least one day ahead must be a habit of every teacher.

2. Study material- you must have all the relevant notes ready for covering a topic you have decided for the class. 

3. Recap- to ensure you and your students are on the same page, make sure you do a recap before starting the next topic. Solve the problems and test how much the students grabbed from the last lecture before moving ahead. 

4. Plan a test in a smart way- class tests are tools to measure classroom productivity.

5. Make the class interactive- Because if you would make the students participate equally you would be able to retain their attention that would ultimately enhance the productivity and students would not get the time to be mischievous and disturb the class.  

6. Food for the brains- at the end of the class give some tasks to students that would help them revise what they learnt in class and let them think and come up with problems related to the topic.  

For useful teacher resources and to make the class interactive and productive, download zamit app (if you have not downloaded yet) and check our teacher resources section to be a future-ready teacher.  

Gone are the days of threatening children by punishing them to control the class. Physically and mentally punishing the children is an illegal offence and it also badly hamper the overall growth of children. Therefore, be a smart and future-ready teacher and figure out new ways of making the classrooms productive and interesting. We regularly try to share videos in the teacher resource section to explain the future-ready way of teaching. If you have any suggestion or any modern methods that worked for you, please do not hesitate to share with us.

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Let’s join hands for better future! Let’s be future-ready!

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