Let’s discuss the importance of Parents-Teachers Meeting!

The first term exams are almost over and now is the time of discussing results. Therefore, the following week would be marked with Parents-Teachers Meetings. Nowadays schools invite parents for the same, distributing Pamphlets for PTM and using many other creative way to make sure parents attend the PTM. As it is an opportunity for both parents and teachers to interact and get on the same page.

Here we have some do’s parents and teachers must consider marking the success of Parents-Teachers Meeting.

Meeting hours must be flexible- some parents may have some other important tasks for the day, jobs, or may require extra time to reach the school. Therefore, considering all those possible reasons, school authorities must be flexible with meeting hours.

Establish the meeting agenda beforehand- nowadays everyone is busy, therefore you must value the time of parents. In order to do so, let them know all the points of discussion beforehand, so they come prepared and with all the doubts and queries ready.

Parents must try their best to attend the PTM- you must be busy following the tight schedule, but PTM is about your child. Therefore, you must take it seriously, as it is the only way of interacting with school teachers face to face and get to know about the academic performance behaviour of your child. So never ignore it, try your best to take out some time, especially for PTM after exams.

Schools must use future-ready ways to ensure every parent participate- may be on the day of meeting some parents are out of town, or for any other reason may not able to appear for PTM. In that case, schools must adopt a future-ready approach like arranging PTM on Skype call or such technology to virtually connect with parents.

Parents and teachers must transparently discuss the weaknesses of students and they must take mutual responsibility to figure out and execute the solutions.

Once the meeting is over, send thank you note to parents along with all important points discussed during the meeting and a small and crisp conclusion.

Few don’t’s to mind during PTM-

Do not harshly criticize the result and performance of students. It is for both parents and teachers. Both parents and teachers must make sure that it is PTM, not a blame game, if there are problems then PTM is meant to discuss those problems maturely and find the solution for the same, instead of blaming each other.

Do not compare students- again it is for both parents and teachers. Every child is special, therefore it is completely wrong to compare them based on their marks.

We hope these do’s and don’t’s would help parents, teachers and students during PTM(Parents-Teachers Meeting).

Let’s make the coming up PTM fruitful and productive!

zamit- Let’s begin!

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